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Thread: Server Mergers: March 4, 2014

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    Server Mergers: March 4, 2014

    We're ready to begin another round of server mergers to increase the fun and competition across the Tynon world! Many additional servers are being included in this round!

    Here are the merger details:
    • All cities in Guild Warfare have been released from guild control. All guilds (of the appropriate level) are be able to bid and fight for these cities once more.
    • All players may claim a Unity Prize from Maria. Players whose guilds lost cities in the merge will find extra goodies inside!
    • Players and guilds may have had their names changed in the merge due to conflicts. If so, speak to Maria for a free name change.

    US East
    • Server 58 and 65

    US Central
    • Servers 37 and 42
    • Servers 49 and 54
    • Servers 61 and 66

    US West
    • Servers 18 and 23
    • Servers 57 and 62

    • Servers 15, 20 and 25
    • Servers 28, 32 and 36
    • Servers 40, 44 and 48
    • Servers 52, 56 and 60
    • Servers 64, 68 and 73
    • Servers 77, 81 and 85
    • Servers 89, 94 and 98
    • Servers 102 and 105

    • Servers 14 and 19
    • Servers 24 and 27
    • Servers 31 and 35
    • Servers 39 and 43
    • Servers 47 and 51
    • Servers 55 and 59
    • Servers 62 and 67
    • Servers 80 and 84
    • Servers 88 and 93
    • Servers 97 and 101

    A new server means new challenges, new competition and even more fun!

    May your sword be true!

    Tynon Dev Team
    Nathan Seltzer
    uCool Community Manager

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    Looking good Dawnseeker.

    Hopefully this should spice up Championship Warfare.

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    Good luck to all those about to be merged. Have fun!

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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    Move on BrashSuxBalls. On to the topic , thanks for the information Dawn, I am sure there will be more merges and patience pays. We are part of this merge and looking forward for the same.

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    Why is there never thsi outrage when i get banned?? i feel so unloved

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    In your mind
    Thanks Dawn, nice to hear these going ahead!

    ~ You are just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me..~
    ~ There is a crack in everything, that is where the light comes in~

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    I actually regret not seeing #86 (US West) on this list. Anywhere we can petition to get on board before it's too late?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrashSuxBalls_4545086 View Post
    Her is why they said they banned spawn.

    if you read his posts you will see there were never ANY theats of a lawsuit
    This is BS!
    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Threatening legal action, posting private data center information

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never
    and they suspended anthonyg also for posting the information why he was banned.
    All he did was goto a website that sells them and did a whois. the information he had was about a public internet company. anyone can do a whois on any domain, Its not private. Its actually public and if you try and hide it actually icann the www police will cancel your domain in a heartbeat. Gone forever.
    I actually thought it was funny how incorrect the information was considering im looking at the real whois that im sure if he posted would be worth a ban.

    Edit: Also I dont condone doing charge backs because you no longer play. I own several ps3 games and guess what, No charge back because i bought them and new the price upfront. So those of you thinking of doing charge backs. Dont waste your time or post.

    Back on topic. Thanks Dawn for bumping server merges up! Hopefully 17 will be on there soon!
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    Im so glad they are posting this in threads only dawn can control, this is entertaining

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattp169 View Post
    Im so glad they are posting this in threads only dawn can control, this is entertaining
    The server merges I know! Oh wait. Who is spawn? Did i miss that server? And Brash im sure dawn is mod control panel now comparing your IP to spawns. (just a guess) Onwards and Forwards!

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