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Thread: Championship Warfare rankings and time

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    Championship Warfare rankings and time

    Championship Warfare creates havoc and serious lag issues whenever it runs during guild warfare; my recommendation is to shift it back about a half hour to an hour (GW never lasts more than 30mins anyway). Not sure how other servers are, but I'm on a west coast server and during CW the lag is so bad that GW ends up glitching out, which can make you win or lose a city, depending on if your offending or defending. The other thing I'd like to see change is the rankings system and how it works for CW. There is no way for anyone to beat the top 3-5 people in the CW due to the massive power differential, which makes it pretty unfair to the little guy just getting started. My suggestion is to split up the rankings into separate championship groups based on your power. My breakdown would be as follows: rank 1 - 0-10mil power, rank 2 - 10-20mil, rank 3 - 20-30mil, rank 4 - 30-40mil, rank 5 - 40-50mil, rank 6 - 50-75mil, rank 7 - 75-100mil, then everything over 100 million power would be broken down into groups of 50mil each. The rewards for being the victor in each rank would vary depending on the rank, for the lowest something as simple as 25 gems and 1000 tickets would be nice; the higher up you go, the better the rewards would become. Would love to see if anyone else agrees with me, especially with the rankings.

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    i agree with heligusuart he's right break CW down into diff power brackets maeks way more fair and keeps non donaters around longer

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