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Thread: Poison Lord - HELP

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    Please give a formation...

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    Did you ever get past this Poison Lord? What formation did you use...i am so stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaisyMae_2308170 View Post
    Please give a formation...
    Quote Originally Posted by DaisyMae_2308170 View Post
    Did you ever get past this Poison Lord? What formation did you use...i am so stuck.
    please read thread before posting...
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    [...]This is likely a case of collective obsessional behavior (i.e. group delusion). This can spread rapidly through any group based on fear and rumors without any objective facts. We've seen it happen numerous times in Tynon already.
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    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
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    I choose to lose the way I do so I can get max tickets when I give up the CWF.

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    After a long hiatus due to computer problems, I came back and had to figure out how to get past this beast. I finally managed it with Formation 1b.

    I thought that people might like to see all the formations in one post, so here it is. I listed all the forms that were listed in visual order. Anything else had incomplete information.

    If i missed someones form well... sorry I'm human. If it didn't list all 3 rows I didn't put it in the summary.

    Forum Summary:


    1. maria adam main
    X X X
    herja queen p X
    sub lance

    1a. Maria Adam Leader
    X X X
    Herja X Q.Pent
    Sub - Khan

    1b. Maria Adam Leader
    X X X
    X Herja Q.Pent
    Sub - Khan

    2. Herja X Lance
    Maria Cianna Main
    sub Penth

    3. herja X adam
    maria main X
    X X queen P
    sub khan

    4. X maria alci
    X herja adam
    X X main
    sub saffron

    5. Maria X Alci
    herja adam X
    X main X
    sub khan

    6. herja X Queen B
    adam alci main
    X X X
    sub Queen P

    7. herja adam queenB
    X mainX
    X X queenPent
    sub khan

    8. Adam X X
    X X Main
    Herja Lance Queen P
    Sub Khan

    9. X X X
    Maria Adam Main
    Herja xxx Penn
    Sub: Khan

    10. Herja Maria Adam
    flav main X
    X X X
    Sub Anbrose

    11. herja adam X
    X alchi main
    X queen p X
    sub cianna

    12. Pomp, Blood, Queen Brynn
    Maria x main
    X X X
    sub: Khan

    13. X X Adam
    X X Main
    Herza Lance QP
    Sub Blood

    14. Herja Adam Aphro
    X Main X
    X X Queen P
    Sub Genghis

    10 plus (mine were all 11 or 12)

    I'd say 60 plus for ease.
    Mine were 50 but I had a lot of issues.
    At least a 4 piece judgement set. My spirits were all guardian, with iron on adam. My relics were all justice.

    Stars/Saints: As many as you can.

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    171k power form:

    Herja Maria Adam
    X Alci X
    X Main x

    Sub QP

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