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Thread: Patch: More Balanced Guild Warfare

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    its the big players that have all the alts on our server,they even got full alt guilds with more players than us,just to mess with us in gw .

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    Not only do everyone have alts, they use them to own all the cities, bids, buffs, etc etc etc. They have tons of alts in their guild and an alt guild to bid on cities. The more they own, the more rewards for all. This slows my progression down as the top player on the server which in turn effects my progression in Championship Warfare.

    Need to follow your own ToS policies. Get rid of all alts. Combine Servers to create a balanced one. Bring the fun BACK.

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    2 of the top 3 players in the server (same guild) now doesn't own a city. We got over ran by a bunch of alts and alt guilds. Thanks Tynon!

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