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Thread: Add chat to rune temple

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    Add chat to rune temple

    Why wont Tynon add chat to the rune temple? As we get bigger it takes forever to grind runes and the entire time we are in the temple besides being bored to death we're out of touch. Please just enable the chat feature in the rune temple so we have something to do while waiting for this very tedious process to complete.

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    Agreed. This is much needed.

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    i concur its been annoying me for quit awhile now
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    Chat in rune temple is something I've always wanted. I wonder how easy it would be for Tynon to add it in to an upcoming patch.

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    Good idea! Thanks.
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    Just now you are saying great idea? I do not know how many times I have seen a thread with people asking for you to open the chat box in the ruin temple.
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