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Thread: Titanoboa

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    Got it

    113 mil power
    herja xxx xxx
    xxx lance main
    flave khan xxx .......... sub Queen pent

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    andy, this needs to be added to index

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    xxx xxx Adam
    xxx Pent xxx
    Maria Herja Me/Khan

    78m power and no BS powerdown and gear/rune removals

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven.critchison_4203767 View Post
    Just beat Titanboa ....YAY!!!

    formation was:
    Herja, - , -
    Cianna, Bloodstorm, Queen Penth
    - , - , main
    Sub: Genghis Khan

    Power was 128 mil

    Queen P's defensive gear was level 50+ and had nimbleness 11.....140k HP
    I just beat Titanoboa with this formation, I beat Dragon General (Elite) as well, both done tonite
    Power 140,068,311

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    Formation I beat Titanoboa (Elite) with:
    Queen Bryn-Lancelot-Queen Penth
    Sub: Khan

    MAIN 135,560 45,546 44,250 24,908 22,456 25,179 23,939 143 140 155 168 155 143
    Queen Penth 136,578 59,080 61,081 30,096 27,298 26,864 143 195 164 185 155 163
    Lancelot 113,810 52,725 51,540 20,942 22,477 20,611 175 155 155 133 150 168
    Queen Bryn 120,209 49,985 23,507 18,723 24,545 15 155 205 153 155 143
    Herja 124,102 24,021 32,372 22,134 16,836 23,801 0 45 158
    Khan 114,990 50,990 51,281 24,358 19,964 21,561 173 155 155 133 155 153

    If you feel that there was an important stat that I left out, please PM me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by class662_4733823 View Post
    xxx xxx Adam
    xxx Pent xxx
    Maria Herja Me/Khan

    78m power and no BS powerdown and gear/rune removals
    THANK YOU! Finally got this sucker after weeks of trying and thinking I was still not powerful enough.
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    whish hero got best kit and runes on to which hero got worst kit on ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nassa_5972660 View Post
    whish hero got best kit and runes on to which hero got worst kit on ?
    i am not trying to assume or judge anything, nor try to sound like a smartass but this is some advice that helped me a lot:

    try not to copy other players formations, especially not the ones in the replays that where generated specifically to be there with the least possible power. you can have the same heroes, similar gear and similar runes but still be ahead (or behind in this case) by twice the power because there is different base values, like a lv 12 preciseness will add a lot more power on your main than on other heroes, etc...

    generally in HR you should watch all your battles, check where you seem to go ahead and clearly fall behind. i for example used to write down all formations on a notepad and share it with my guild, but then later i realized that different things will work for others in different ways (e.g. kill order, resisting/dodging).

    so my form was
    XXX XXX Adam
    XXX Pent XXX
    Maria Herja Main

    Kahn on the sub

    (btw: the top example (flameheart) still got the exploited white maria from the quest up)

    other than that the top 3 are very different as are the suggested forms from my guild and other players.
    this snake got a vampiric skill you should encounter with for example a LOT of p.def, but there are also other ways where you dont give it a lot to heal or try to stun the boss instead...

    i hope this helps a little. but whatever you encounter, the best plan is to watch the entire battle, analyze it and change it into a formation that suits your abilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herby View Post
    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
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    Won 5-10 tries after Poison Lord

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    Adam Maria X
    Herja X Main
    X Pent/khan X
    Sub Khan/pent

    i've level 11 or 12 runes.
    4 set of level 50 Judgement
    guardian spirit on all but pent who has IH
    relics are justice.
    level 110 talent except mdef, matk, which are 80.

    Adam: 9 star HA IV
    Maria:7 star Saint V
    Herja: 7 star HA IV
    Pent: 7 star HA II
    Main: 10 star HA V
    Khan: 9 star HA II

    High att/def on penth or khan. 3rd adam, 4th main, 5th maria (high atk staff), 6th herja.
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