The first thing to do when you are prompted to create a new character when logging on is to make sure that you are using the correct email address and server.

There is an ongoing problem where the character on a specific server is 'lost'. It is still listed on the rankings and on the Guild roster (if it is in a Guild) but if the user tries to log on to the server he gets prompted to create a new character. It does not happen frequently but it does happen. The way to have it fixed is to log on to using your account and submit a ticket explaining the situation and providing the the server that you are having trouble with and the character name.

If you are not able to log on to the account at that is a tottaly different issue. That can be caused if the account has been locked out by uCool or by the user using the wrong email address or password. There has been some cases where the account was hijacked and the password changed and that could account for it.

uCool implemented a password recovery process that uses either a challenge question or you can request that the password be sent to the email address of the account. If the original email address used to set up the account is no longer valid, there is a place in the account profile to provide an alternate address.

If you are unable to log on, the challenge question does not work and you do not receive an email with the password when you request it, then it is possible that the account was hijacked and the password, challenge question and alternate email address changed. The following are the instructions displayed when you click on the 'Forgot password' link

  • Forget Password?
    Choose a way to Retrieve your password
  • 1. Retrieve your password by your registered email.
  • 2. Retrieve your password by verifying account protection questions.
  • 3. If you can not retrieve your password through the methods above, please