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    Wink new ideas...

    can you add more titles to the game by titles i mean like host secretary, vice host secretary, warrior, treasurer, another host and more positions of the like. i would like this done because there are frequent arguments about who is higher rank in the guild. and there should be 2 hosts because it is just the right thing to do than to just have 1 ruler. the secretary is like vice host exept for his/her own person, basicaly just a person to confront ideas with. the treasurer deals with the guild money and contributions, and the warrior helps fight and defend the guild. thanks...

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    I like the idea! Giving titles to people can be fun. Let the host and vice-hosts be able to type a title for any guild member and give them special powers, such as the ability to set GW, to ban members, to accept new members, to send guild messages, etc.

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    Sounds cute and could be fun to be able to give people titles.
    Preferably own made .

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