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Thread: Dragon general (Elite) - Judgement cloak/Helmet

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    Jun 2013
    x x x
    Gen Alc, main x
    herja, lance, King T

    sub QP

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    This guy has to be easier than all the judgment bosses.. he is at around same level of difficulty as Giant Snake (Justice endboss).

    Form I used, at 116M power, was:

    Flav Adam xxx
    Herja Penn xxx
    xxx xxx Main

    Sub: Maria

    Penn had 139k hp, lvl 55 armor, defensive talents at 80.

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    X X X
    Adam Gen A X
    Herja Main QP

    Sub Maria

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    Maria Adam X
    Herja Main X
    X X ahmose
    Sub queen p

    Much easier than Titanaboa

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    Did this same day as Titanoboa and Poison Lord. I tried about 40 times with the Titanoboa formation then switched to this and got it within 3 tries and 20% HP remaining

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    Was having troubles with any of these (75 percent), then I tried this... got 96 percent the first time, then won with 72 percent health left the next try.

    Herja X Adam
    Maria Calvin X
    X X Main
    Sub Khan

    I've 110 tech
    70 weapons
    50 other equipment
    11 and 12 runes on all.

    Strongest weapon/spirit on adam.

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