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Thread: Cheating is cheating and rigging the palace is cheating us all

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    Angry Cheating is cheating and rigging the palace is cheating us all

    fix the glitch allowing rigging of palace and other aspects of the game I pay to play and cheating is a violation so do something about it girls lol

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    Its very hard to understand what you're referring to. I agree that cheating is bad...
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    When I see posts like this, I often wonder what the fuss is actually all about.

    Lets break this down a bit.


    • Nearly everyone on the server gets a least one hero card and the coins/credits associated with destroying all 100 statues
    • It keeps players happy and server activity up
    • No one player benefits and the whole 'the big players win everything' attitude is reduced


    • The challenge the event was originally designed to give has been removed

    If all this about a removal of a challenge then I have to question why all the complaints. It would make sense if it doesn't hurt your game, then there is no need to feel aggrieved. Server 1 have some of the most active forum goers here and chose to keep Heaven's Palace as a challenge and I personally respect that. However other servers prefer to remove the aforesaid challenge so all players gain a chance.

    That said, as Dawnseeker said cheating is bad, but is rigging HP actually cheating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan le Fay View Post
    That said, as Dawnseeker said cheating is bad, but is rigging HP actually cheating?
    Yes it is.

    From the word "rig" itself:

    "To manipulate dishonestly for personal gain: rig a prizefight; rig stock prices."

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    Well Herby - It dont matter what we think. It matters what tynon devs think. I think that HP should not be rigged - unless on eo r2 peopel want to make their IMPOSSIBLE power more manageable. Like say Blayd going in with no subs or just stepping out. Something like that to me is not true rigging but more of courtesy. Setting it so almost everyone can get 100 is rigging to me and I disagree.

    I am thinking since we are all having issues figuring out how the realm rank and UA ranks reflect each other and other issues with rigging HP - the devs may agree that they don't want the servers rigging HP - and UA included somethings to make it harder to do

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    HP is a event to keep players invested in the game correct? How many players will even bother with this event if say Blayd is full power in the palace? I for one see a trend here on our server a 160 mil player (top player) is in the top in palace 3 players (or something like) complete 100 and maybe 4 others even try it because for most there is no point, the rewards are not worth it. If we replace the 160 mil guy with a slightly lower power person then about 6-7 complete 100 and around 20 others try for it because they will atleast get high enough so that they will get enough credits to cover the losses if they boost. If Managing HP so more players get use out of this event is cheating then they might as well get rid of it all together because so few players would even get any enjoyment out of it. Not much use out of a event that if it wasn't managed correctly only 2% of tynon players would do.

    This being said is there anyway the Devs could make HP a event that would bring players to participate in it even if it wasn't managed by dropping in lower powered players? Ideas?

    From the word "rig" itself: "to put in proper order for working or use."

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    lets agree to disagree
    rigging HP goes against the idea the devs had in mind for this event.
    But it may not have been the best designed idea in the first place to accomplish 100% server involvement.

    Anyone who does at least beat every statue they can - even if its only 2 or 3 - is hurting themselves by not getting the free coins and credits from the statues.

    ANd there are ways to beat these higher powered players. Granted not Blayd at rune palace level - but enough to get 1 more level in for some.
    Remember the statues form is static. SO if Adam is in a place that a stunner can hit - hit it with a stunner. This is part of what makes HP interesting. You get to fight a real PvP form that cant be changed. SO you can test out forms to find one that will work against it. Improving your formation skills.

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    Beating the biggest player in HP is challenging for 3-4 players, or 10 players (at best) depending on the server. For the rest, it's impossible to get anywhere near that. If HP is to be challenging, Tynon should see that it i challenging to all, not challenging to a couple of players and impossible to the rest.

    I'm not speaking for myself. I have no trouble going through HP whether it is set or screwed.

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    I think that, by definition, a challenge can be won.

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    In my opinion, if the developers did not want the players to manipulate the statues, they would make them the maximum power that the player had in the arena that week. They could even use the power that is listed in the Rankings for that player, or they could just put up the top two players in the rankings from each realm. They could save the formation at the time that they post the ranking in the Leader board.
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