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Thread: Favorite Instruments

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    Favorite Instruments

    Have ye a favorite Musical instrument? A instrument ye oft listenne unto or play ? Goe no further than here! As for my favorite instrument,I must agree with Wolfgang A. Mozart,that ye King of instruments is ye majestic Pipe organ. But lets hear from ye!
    images.jpg Those are some big flutes above ye organist's head.

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    lol, i love this post, its weird in such a nice way

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    thank ye nymeria. I take it there are nott many musical peopple here.But if I am wrong,Please feel free to post what thy favorite instrument is.
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    I've always had a soft spot for the ol' saxophone.

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    I also love the organ, that is quite the instrument there, bartholomew!

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    Carillon Bells. Cast in Bronze plays Renaissance festivals and the music is beautiful and hypnotic. The story behind the bells is amazing as well. Hearing them play Christmas music was great too. I highly recommend giving them a listen.

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    Why Not?
    The cello... maybe it's just nostalgia...

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    I play piano, flute, well as drums and guitar.

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