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    Server 45


    Rise of Hope claims I am a free spender and bought my power up. VIP1 and first in power on the server.

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    We all know that bestgamefaqs / jeebus / nikki is a clueless person who just pretends he knows how to play the game

    Just ignore him.

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    Very nice. It takes a "lot" to get to this power and ranking with VIP 1, not to mention serious discipline. It takes 50 gems to get to vip 1 and I forgot what is required to go to Vip 2, but this is quite an accomplishment.

    Very nice.

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    Thanks. VIP 1 needs 50 gems and VIP2 requires 500 gems.

    The new player package with Maria is WELL worth the price; easily the most useful package in the game.

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    We all enjoy having some fun with Rise of Hope every now and then. Thank you.

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