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Thread: Sirius mats

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    Sirius mats

    The least the devs can do is to stop putting speakers and jewels in chests,more mats for Sirius gear would be better. The best thing would be for you to Make more quest so we can grind for the mats far more useful than opening more servers. Unless by not developing More quests your goal is to lose the bigger players due to boredom in the game.

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    I think you can get mat by hitting the chest tiles in labs. But then, you'll get a lot of level 1 chips as well.

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    I've never seen materials like mushrooms, mithril ore, or honey in labs. Seems the tree branch is the highest there, that I know of. So we are stuck farming ea other in arena to gain mats, to keep us from getting them too fast I'm sure. Open more content, and let the game continue.

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