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Thread: Beer

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    Beer Yum.

    Ok, favourites are :-

    Bathams Best Bitter
    Old Speckled Hen
    Titanic Best
    Offyatrolli (local brewery)
    Bishops Finger

    That's my top 5.

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    anything that comes in a pint glass sat with the lads and gets me away from this god dam game is ok for me )))))))

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    In my opinion, beer is not the best solution for relaxation. It is better to try Blessed cbd Oil or capsules to calm your nervous system and relax. I only need a few drops of cbd oil to calm my nerves. By the way, cbd oil does not cloud the brain, unlike beer. Therefore, the choice is obvious.

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    I'm trying to find my old guild from darkness of Tartarus. Please, any information on B2A would be much appreciated would be much appreciated. Forrest_Hunter looking for Mythtique specifically I miss you

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