Since people still writing on this thread, and may return to look, here is what is, and, the only option for getting any action for this game in last five years (latter first):
you must make an account on an active ucool game (like heroes charge), then go to forum on that ucool game and find latest post on any thread, the you must write the moderator of that thread asking them to write ucool dev (moderators are not devs, can not do anything but send message to devs...) ASKING dev to take action on Tynon game ...
The last time this was known to work was when teddy wrote in early Jan 2019 when things first blew up Dec 28 2018 and there was a 'restart' which left the current problems.
Betty was the moderator of heroes charge who most recently got a hold of a dev and got last reset; also was the one who got a dev about 1.5 years ago to take action on individual account to get 2nd sub back when someone ran into the beat mulan after 2nd sub, lose 2nd sub issue.
DO NOT do this asking for game improvements, suggesting improvements, ..., not going to happen and fogs moderator from doing anything ...
Game as is: no individual combat (PvP) works for anything forcing a reset: except to advance in arena (no gain of 1/2 arena stakes); GW works.
Championship warfare broken.
Some aspects of HR boss advancement not working for some accounts : beat a boss and next boss will not appear, whether a new account or an existing one prior game breaking day 12/28/2018
Enjoy what remains as game works if you want ... , for most, became a personal interest years ago and as guessed, with CW breaking, only a handful of die hards still play daily