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Thread: Today's downtime.

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    This thread as started in 2014, at a time when davemata was an active part of uCool. The only reason its not been closed is that in this section of the forum, I have no moderation powers.
    I'm sorry I haven't stepped in during a frustrating few weeks but since this forum has long abandoned by uCool employees & by extension, me. I can't help because I no longer have communication link with the company.
    I'll still be in lurk mode watching though

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    Well while the game has been reset attack in the arena is now broken as well as on the Caribbean sail challenge. BTW Hi Morgan long time no see

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    So what you're saying Morgan, is that i can play up in this section unsanctioned, lol. Only kidding.
    It appears that the "wheels are in motion". Some interesting, maybe unintended things are happening with the game as we speak...
    Quote Originally Posted by kaisim_2492829 View Post
    you are the most condescending person on this forum and you are wrong if you have us all fooled.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan le Fay View Post
    However, until then players like yourself have us over a barrel so to speak playing CWF how they want to rather than way it was intended.

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    is any part of the game still monitored by Ucool? like where everything actually works as it used to?

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    Thank you for attending to the problem. Now could you fix another problem? UA does not work.

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