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Thread: Formation for beating Lancelot

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    Formation for beating Lancelot

    Been looking on forum, but have not found anything on him. Having trouble. Replays are no help since I don't have Maria, Bloodstorm or Adamanti. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Finally got him.

    Queen Pen, X, X
    X, Flavius, Ahmose
    Herja, X, Main

    Ahmose needs to stay alive until main kills bottom soldier. I was 8.7 million power.

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    Ronin what do you use if you dont have any of those??

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    Quote Originally Posted by VINCENTABEAST_6783201 View Post
    Ronin what do you use if you dont have any of those??
    You should keep challenging them until they drop.
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    Who do you have? My form is the best form for me. All the heroes you can get before Lancelot. Saffron can replace Ahmose or Queen Pen. They are there to buy time for the others to kill off the minions with Lancelot. Flavius is hard to replace since his skill attack is critical to keeping Lancelot from using his skill attack to 1-hit my heroes.

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    I used X X X

    im roughly 16 mill power

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    I used:
    QP X X
    X Shayd Main
    Herja Flav X
    with this formation 12.3 mil
    QP X X
    X Smoulder Rhize
    Herja Main X
    14.2 Mil

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