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Thread: Ultimate Areana vs Forest areana!

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    Ultimate Areana vs Forest areana!

    When in Forest Areana I advanced to Ultimate Areana, Yea! But have since noticed that without loosing my arena rank I have lost my reward!
    Are you being challenged in Forest Areana while in Ultimate Areana? And if so how do you chanllenge those in Forest areana? Do you need too?

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    If you are in the Ultimate Arena (UA) some of the people in the Realm Arena (RA) rank below 10 (and therefore not in the UA) can attack you if they can 'see' you in the RA. You can attack any one that you can 'see' in the UA. If you attack a player on another Realm and win you swap UA ranks with him and your Realm Arena rank does not change. If you attack a player from your own Realm then you swap both the UA and RA ranks. The same happens if you are attack and the other player wins, of course.

    This becomes very confusing because you can have some one that is ranked 1 in the RA but 20 in the UA and at the same time some one that is ranked 10 in the RA but 7 in the UA. It all depends on how they moved within the UA.
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    You can lose your spot in ultimate if somebody in Forest Arena thats is not in the top 10 ranks succesfully beats in in the Forest Arena. Then they automatically take your spot in the ultimate arena and you are back at their place in Forest Arena. To get back, you must defeat someone in the top 10 for Forest Arena again.

    No matter how far up in Ultimate you go, people in Forest Arena NOT in the top 10 can challenge you as long as your Forest Arena rank 5-10. To avoid that, you need to defeat someone ranked 1-5 in Forest Arena while moving through ranks in Ultimate Arena.

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    Thank you!

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    If I wanted to "share" someone's stakes how would I do that? I have noticed that people I know are in the UA with me but not visable not only know I have the stakes but have asked to "share" them! How do they know I have them if they can't see me? And how do they manage to challenge my stakes?

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