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Thread: Come join Tynons first facebook server!

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    Come join Tynons first facebook server!

    128 Storm of Cea (US East) - Forest Realm - Horizons guild
    Server is a few months young, plenty of time for you veterans and noobs to catch up

    Join today~ ~Join Today

    Hammer Of Thor -iDeadly
    Storm of Cea -Horizons (Server128 First EST facebook server!)

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    Why do you call it a facebook server?

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    because you can create an acc through fb & login via fb

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    Interesting! I would like to try it. See you there!

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    It is extraordinary to find out that such a server has finally appeared as you also call it a Facebook server. Now it will really be very easy for our friends to play with us. The only thing they will have to do will be to create an account just by logging in with Facebook. But I think it would also be great to do such an Instagram server hahaha. Because I and my friends are much more developed with Instagram. We spend a lot of time on it and we have a lot of followers and likes due to the possibility to buy instagram likes and followers.
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    Yes, indeed. But an YouTube login have to be created too. There are a lot of YouTubers playing this game and it will be good for them to be recognized here. Me and my frinds have a lot of subscribers because you can buy youtube subscribers very easy.

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