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Thread: Tynon support is dead?

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    Tynon support is dead?

    I sent in a ticket to them 2 weeks ago, no response. Sent in another just a few days ago, no response again. Anyone else experiencing this or do they just hate me?
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    Same thing. I'm about to quit this game.

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    same thing with me, over 2 weeks, still waiting...

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    Don't spend money anymore.

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    3 weeks no response for me
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    [...]This is likely a case of collective obsessional behavior (i.e. group delusion). This can spread rapidly through any group based on fear and rumors without any objective facts. We've seen it happen numerous times in Tynon already.
    Quote Originally Posted by Herby View Post
    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
    Quote Originally Posted by riot View Post
    I choose to lose the way I do so I can get max tickets when I give up the CWF.

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    Have you noticed they haven't opened a new server in almost 6 months??? This game is going downhill and only the people that spent quite a bit of money are still playing and paying other than that.. I think this game has plateau..

    I to put in a request over 3 weeks ago and still have heard from them..

    Also I remember that when you asked a question here alot people would answer questions pretty quick.. now hmmmmm slowwww and noone really on...
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    they never replied to a ticket i put in on September 14th
    looks like this game is dying out

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    Nor my tickets in the past 10 days. Elvis has left the building. sad sad

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    I'm not sure if it'll still work but I used to use my old evony acct to send a help ticket there and they'd get back to me about tynon stuff much quicker than if i were to send it on this side.
    they're still rollin out new age I servers over there ironically
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    Engagement and community management are different from development.

    Development is ongoing.
    First thing he says in months, had to quote it, might never see em again.

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    I've been waiting for a response on a problem from Sept 11th and I've been adding to it every week. I'll never get an answer lol, because I haven't been nice.

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