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Thread: Latency and Loading Issues

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    I am vice host and I have not been expelling players.. our host was not either she was asking me why people left. then they get online and want to know why they were expelled. We have had this issue since we started guild so wondering if it might be a code issue? I am not very programming literate i know how to use them but not how to write them or diagnose them so I really am guessing but something is wrong.. we keep losing all contributions and have no recourse apparently available to us..

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    Figure this out I can't even buy gems..

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    Hello, I was just in the middle of Baal fight and it kicked me out and now it won't load. It shows at 100% but then it just freezes, I submit a report and it says connection issues but when I trouble shoot it says there is no problems. Help?

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    It seems to be at least an hour before you can get back online from 6-7 pm EST. This has been everyday... what's up with this?

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    Yeah shows 100% then does not load for me also.

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    give us day 4 reward for free for this

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    same problem loading, also got kicked yesterday during Baal. Annoying.

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    i am having the problem too, gets to 100% then freezes, keeps telling me to refresh as it is a network problem, i know it isn't...hope it gets sorted soon, i have spent money on this.....

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    Ya I was in the middle of Heroic Realm and when I retried fighting a boss it froze at engaging battle. Tried refreshing and now it completely freezes at loading. \I've tried restarting my comp and it still gets stuck at that screen.

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