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Thread: Having a problem logging in!! HELP!!

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    Having a problem logging in!! HELP!!

    Hello all it is Dyceman from "Rogue Ones" I had to reset my password and when I do so it is insisting I make a new character, Where and how do I get this issue fixed!!
    I used the proper E-Mail. I have payment receipts and a previous password change from way back in July 2013 at this same E-Mail.
    But none the less when I log in it does not let me back to Dyceman!

    Thank you all in advance for your help!!

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    doublechecked the server?
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    No I am trying to log into the correct server!

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    Clear your cookies/cache and what not and restart browser. There is an old thread somewhere about how to scape by this because it was a widespread problem for a couple days at one point. If not just submit a support ticket and stanley will get it back for you :P
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    Instead of logging in at, for example,, go to and log in from there. Start with a fresh browser. Or more specifically, use this URL:
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    Thanks all, Dycman reclogged in several times and got in...still don't get it, but he is back...Thanks.

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