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Thread: Beta seems to be down again.

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    Beta seems to be down again.

    Since Halloween packets came out for live servers, Beta has taken lots longer to load than live servers...3-5 min on avg.
    Now unable to reload again. Was down for about a day last Thors Day, and now non-functional. Get to 99% and not finish

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    I wonder are they working on this server at all or are we just barking up a empty tree?

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    I am getting a Load World Failed, please try to refresh....for the last hour.

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    It seems that once again beta is down. When beta is working it runs slow. f you refresh your page at all, takes over a minute to get back in to play. When you send in a ticket through support takes days for an answer. I have had 1 answer on a ticket I submitted take 10 days for a response. Is this become a bother for you. Are you trying to fix any problems. I have cancer and am disabled and I like to play. But it seems things getting harder and harder to stick around. Almost time to look into playing a different game.

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    what do you expect? its "beta" a server where the devs try out anything on a live server...
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    [...]This is likely a case of collective obsessional behavior (i.e. group delusion). This can spread rapidly through any group based on fear and rumors without any objective facts. We've seen it happen numerous times in Tynon already.
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    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
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    I choose to lose the way I do so I can get max tickets when I give up the CWF.

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    How do you know they are testing?? Nothing is changed when it comes back up. That's a damn short test. They may be doing something, but they are keeping people from their accts with this constant crash of Beta server. No explanations, no changes, nothing resembling a test.

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    Trying to banish Baal and it won't load AGAIN. Very frustrating to have this happen day after day for the past couple of weeks

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