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Thread: 36th CW (please no trolling or flaming that would lead toclosing, ty)

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    36th CW (please no trolling or flaming that would lead toclosing, ty)

    good fight SIR_TEN_LEE from Bow of Athena. those where some nice and really tight matches.

    match 1 1:0
    match 2 1:1
    match 3 2:1
    match 4 2:2
    match 5 3:2

    grz ten lee, well deserved! i just wish i had finished on that first match before it started
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    [...]This is likely a case of collective obsessional behavior (i.e. group delusion). This can spread rapidly through any group based on fear and rumors without any objective facts. We've seen it happen numerous times in Tynon already.
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    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
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    I choose to lose the way I do so I can get max tickets when I give up the CWF.

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    I've kinda come to the conclusion that the west coast people have a big time advantage that wasn't foreseen. I was up till 11pm last night changing form and yawning because of course it was a work day and Friday was coming early while they were doing the same thing way earlier in their evening (like 7pm).

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