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Thread: Critical hits and getting a better bang

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    Quote Originally Posted by becalvert_1151817 View Post
    Sorry to burst your bubble but it is JustMe from server 6 and I don't have 15 other alts LOL (who has time for that?)

    Seriously I have almost all my gear to lvl 120 (except 2 staffs) all my runes are already lvl 12 just trying to beat the Corrupted Dragon Spirit in Heroics which is in the second round of dropping Sirius Chestguard, Helm and Cloak plans but this beast is 9.88 Bill power and spawns 3 subs..
    Glad to meet you Justme, We have met in stage1-5 a few times =)

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    Yup I usually get knocked out in 3 or 4

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