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Thread: 100% labyrinth bs luck

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    100% labyrinth bs luck

    first tile was destiny, got a +4, got a old dreams to that +4, double transformation on a non trap and question tile. in the first 10 moves, you'd think a possible 650-700.... nope.

    only 3-4 trapped monster tiles out of the 30+ monster tiles on a hard labyrinth.... complete bs. got a 550 at the end. this happens 2-3 times a week. its stupid.

    anyone else have such bad luck at them?

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    Finally scored a sirus spirit plan in hard lab level 3 today. Been a very long time and that was on the 3rd boss final score 720.

    The formation I use is:

    herja maria lance

    xxx main khan

    xxx xxx xxx

    sub 1 general a
    sub 2 queen b
    both subs never come out

    Good luck

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