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Thread: Little puppies

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    Little puppies

    I love these game for it is long but keeps my interest. I would like to see a verson of this without ALTS I cannot stay on the game day and night like some others can. some players run 10 or more ALTS we don't stand a chance against these BIG DOGS and will never be nothing but SMALL PUPPIES. Its still going to be the ones with most playing time and skill on top, but they would have eran it without the help of 10 other ALTS. I know this will never happen but it would be NICE

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    Back when I played this game, I had over 30 ALTS and couldn't keep up with the big dogs, they had over 100 ALTS for every building character. Wow, I can't believe this game still exists. The server's died about 5 years ago, but here it is people still play this a little? Awful game by the massive greedy UCool. They are good at making money tho.

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