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Thread: theseus vs khan

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    theseus vs khan

    help pls. i have dawn ready for transfer.. the option is either theseus or khan. any advice.. thanks in advance...

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    Khan is a most for Lab lvl3 hard and very helpful on a lot of the later monsters in the quest and some in HR. KT is better for PVP. As with everything else, it depends on your priorities.
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    Like Andy said... depends. I'd recommend Khan - you can use him to beat some bosses... when you get to a certain point, khan becomes less useful, then xfer him to theseus. Just a thought.

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    I find Rhize better than King T. For some strange reason I was using KT in heroic and failing. I put Rhize in and killed the boss in the first try. KT was a Dominion II with 13 stars and Rhize was and Half Angel II. I still can figure it out. But I am not complaining as I got to the HR

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    it depends - have been too busy at the "pawn shop" to check it out thoroughly

    it always helps to have two or three people building to compare

    -one tune has king t, the other has Genghis

    -we are still looking at the results

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