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Thread: did anyone notice the crash?

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    did anyone notice the crash?

    Tynon crashed for about 40 mins, no one seemed much to notice. LOL i had gems up, tried to share them, when it went offline. Of course they were gone by the time it came back up.
    What's going on with Tynon? Obv messing up.

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    Notice...kinda hard not to.. banish Cerb on the west coast

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    noticed too... i can get in again but i'm not sure if i really am. I don't see what i'm typing in my alts chat and i can randomly move around in GW o.O

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    heroes charge has been down since 5am cst, still down...

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    Reminiscent of Beta Not a good sign. Mine was laggy, i refreshed a couple times, seems to have helped.

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    Meh... on one server nobody can hear my chat, on another, tried joining Baal and got booted. Can log in, but not much else. I wish they'd fix it or pull the plug - this in-between stuff is frustrating.

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    No Baal on US East #30. Error #4 when trying to enter. Tried 3 times, refreshing after each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumblebee_4702969 View Post
    No Baal on US East #30. Error #4 when trying to enter. Tried 3 times, refreshing after each.
    correct =(
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    [...]This is likely a case of collective obsessional behavior (i.e. group delusion). This can spread rapidly through any group based on fear and rumors without any objective facts. We've seen it happen numerous times in Tynon already.
    Quote Originally Posted by Herby View Post
    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
    Quote Originally Posted by riot View Post
    I choose to lose the way I do so I can get max tickets when I give up the CWF.

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    Baal on server 6 also crashed. As well as the crash earlier.

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    yup no good here either east coast....cerb down too.

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