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Thread: banned accounts?

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    banned accounts?

    can someone please explain to me why are banned accounts still on the server? left in heaven palace...and have any place in rankings? they were and still are banned accounts erace them already don't leave them... others that play would like to move up in rankings ect. with out banned accounts in the way

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    first question is are they banned or are they inactive? second... push 'em out. If you are getting whipped in palace, get stronger.

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    there not inactive they were banned for cheating second get them off the server not getting whipped as u put it by real players I am stronger

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    AFAIK Tynon doesn't delete accounts. They also haven't banned anyone, to my knowledge, in quite a long time. It's up to the strong players to push them out of top10, which will also get them out of Palace (only top 4 can be there). If the big players aren't helping with that, well that's a bit of conflict-resolution that needs to be done ON YOUR SERVER. If you are stronger, you can fix this yourself. Lemon squeezy.

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