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Thread: Sanctify Failure Rate 60%

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    Angry Sanctify Failure Rate 60%

    Just tried today 05/10/2017 to sanctify Thesus and Alcibaides. 8 cards failed on Thesus and 4 on Alcibaides. I expect some failures but not 3 sets of 4 in a row. Given the time we spend saving in this game failures of that magnitude on a 60% success rate is too much. Tried a set of 3 cards on Maria @ 75% success rate and that worked. Would you consider giving me some cards or spirits to replace some of my lost time and effort? Now down to about half of the 51,000 spirits I had and only one sanctify to show for it.

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    lol you asking for cards or spirits back cause they failed lmao

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    tynon should refund vip packages since cards failure rate id 95 percent on server 23 host voltron 3 on tynon server 23

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    there is no use "asking" for tynon to (should) do anything. there ucool / tynon abandoned doing anything over 4 years ago, and about 4 months ago moderators working for other ucool games stopped asking ucool to "do" anything requested by tynon accounts. fierce arrow, failure of upgrading a toon ability with stars and cards (sanctify) is part of the game. if you want to "save" cards in case the sanctify fails, you have the option to spend gems (there is a click box for this on the sanctify sub page, same for stars) , please note it gets to be a lot of gem spending pretty quick to protect stars / cards.... Also, one a toon gets fairly high in the sanctify, you reach a point where even using 5 cards (the most cards you can use in a sanctify) the success to sanctify can not reach 100% - the game design intends that you will fail the sanctify even if you use 5 cards..., this is similar to rules in many adventure / sci fi / fantasy games, where at the highest levels a lot of 'resources' can be used but the "gods" may take the offering and not give you anything....; just part of the game. and yes, since there are no banishes working on tynon servers (except one server) it is difficult to get credits now, and thus spirits are quite valuable / hard to come by for buying cards to do sanctifies... where as gems , relatively speaking, are the "same" chance to obtain meaning spending gems to protect cards and stars the way the game is broken now, is potentially a good / better idea than when game isn't broken...
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    Tynon should refund vip packges becuase server 23 now has a 100 percent failure raate for tavern card host voltron 3 on sever 23

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