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Thread: Sanctify Failure Rate 60%

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    Angry Sanctify Failure Rate 60%

    Just tried today 05/10/2017 to sanctify Thesus and Alcibaides. 8 cards failed on Thesus and 4 on Alcibaides. I expect some failures but not 3 sets of 4 in a row. Given the time we spend saving in this game failures of that magnitude on a 60% success rate is too much. Tried a set of 3 cards on Maria @ 75% success rate and that worked. Would you consider giving me some cards or spirits to replace some of my lost time and effort? Now down to about half of the 51,000 spirits I had and only one sanctify to show for it.

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    lol you asking for cards or spirits back cause they failed lmao

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