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Thread: Game Mechanics - No Equality Between Players - Developer Concern

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    No Equality Between Players - Concern For Everyone

    Hi Tynon Devs. I am curious to know why this game is built for pay to win players to out power everyone who doesn't pay to win?
    I have noticed in the short while I have been playing this game that it takes weeks or months just to do anything in this game because the timers on everything are ridiculous. In a game in general everything should be farmable or available for a player paying or not paying there way to keep up with everyone else. I really don't understand why this game isn't like that. If yall can explain that alittle better for me or anyone else wondering this it would be a great help. I'm currently at 3mill power and just to go up another 100k it is unbelievably difficult and harder then what it should be just being a game. I personally cannot keep up even grinding constantly for hours or days on in keep up with hardly anyone. The drop rates of items or characters is god awful I mean when I go to heavens tavern and spend 38mill credits and not get one purple or gold character because it seems it is rigged for the character you click on to always move away from where you click or even if you click beside where you might think it will go it ends up going the other way every time. That makes playing this extremely difficult because here your hoping oh man theres a shayd card that shows up 5-8 times and you cant even get one because it moves to the right or left of where you click and if you click further away it stays in the same spot like it knows what your doing. It isn't fair and is frustrating. That's just an example of what this game seems to be. A hope crusher. I love tynon been playing if for a short while now but the higher power you get the harder and harder it seems to be to catch up or even at that gain even the littlest of power while everyone else who has tons of money to spend gains 1m power a day or more and us who cant afford to only get maybe 5k-6k a day if that because even stamina runs out to fast. Even starting a new character in a old server you will never be able to catch up to old players which means they have sonority over you and control of what you can and cant do. I mean for example a new player joins a new realm gets into a guild and being billions of power lower then most players, that person cant even sail with guild mates because another guild has insane pay to win players with billions of power who keep sinking you, so that low power person will never get to sail and if they do its by shear luck they make it across, another example is that low player who can never catch up usually is the piñata that everyone beats on because they know he or she is helpless to do anything back to save there stuff or themselves, so they cant sail, cant level up without getting beat on constantly, cant even do the heavens stairs event because even using gem boost or credit boost does nothing because the first player statue you do the person has billions of power and the boost do nothing cause you die in one hit, this is just a few concerns I have for new players and old players, the gap between equality in this game is massive to the point of complete unfairness to people joining the game, there's alot of things like this across the game where new players or old ones cant even get to attend anything because the op players are just rude cause they know they can be. And the prices of gems and everything on this game is overly outrageous for those who have smaller incomes. I mean for 5k gems its $100, there really isn't much you can do with 5k worth of gems that would actually get you very much power, its just outright unfair and needs to be addressed. I understand that y'all developers need the income for what yall have put into this game but I pretty sure there is room for some lower prices that wouldn't hurt y'alls budget even the littlest bit if any at all. I really hope my voice is heard here and there can be some equality balanced between pay to win players and not so pay to win players to be able to keep up with each other equally and in fairness. Thanks for your time.

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    This game is hecka fun! But I do understand where your coming from cause some of this stuff on this game is super expensive. Id like to see some of the price's on things dropped a little so some of us less fortunate players can have more fun then we already are
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    There are no more moderators to forward your concerns to developers. There are no more developers that concern themselves with the game.
    Good luck.

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