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Thread: End the cruelty

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    End the cruelty

    An open letter to Tynon Admin.

    Dear Tynon,
    There is horrible suffering in the world of Tynon. I speak, of course, about all the starving and neglected Mounts throughout the Realms. Who's uncaring owners have not logged in to feed, or even check on for years (imagine Sarah Mclachlan singing in the background). These poor beasts stand in their stalls, unfed, uncared for, remembering the wind in their faces as they once galloped through the streets of Aerie City and the fields beyond. But no more. They are alone. They are starving. They are forgotten.
    I urge you to end their suffering. Remove them from their cruel, neglectful owners! Return these abandoned, wretched creatures to Buros Hunter, where they may have, at least a chance, of finding caring and loving owners. And yes, perhaps even happiness once again.

    Thank You,
    Nymph0oh - FlameDance - Spirit of Thalassa (86)

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    ::applauds:: Author Author! Bravo and agreed

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    So true.... I have my aurora but others don't. They should have some kind of time limit on inactives.

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