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Thread: Lost Gems

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    Angry Lost Gems

    Hello, It seems that I have lost 2000 gems! Now I know what I had and write it down to kept track on thing. An playing this game for long time and is not how to treat your long time player as well buyer of gems! It seems your system is lagging a bit, so you might want to check things out! But when you have the Noble Lady handing out gems like she did and take them away is wrong! A lot of waste of time an effort spend to get them! Since this was also gem day on Saturday, it seems that I have lost some of those a well! Its not my fault that your system not running well! I just like to know what you are going to do in replacing my gems, and not with credits either!

    Please help I will be waiting for a response on this!

    Thank You,
    Light of Ra

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    You are going to get no reply / help / action posting in tynon forums and has been this way for over 4 years from date of your posting. the only thing that might / still work for getting action is to go to the other u-cool game which is still being played and go to forums, find most recent post that has a moderator active, write that moderator asking for help ON TYNON , your server # AND server name, guild, account name. then watch for a reply from that moderator , which will ask you for the EXACT SAME information over most likely..., also, post to that moderator on any and every thread in that game they show up on with same request / information each day (stalk the moderator by filling up their mail box so your message is always at the top when ever they show up). Remember that moderators can't actually make any changes, what they do is send a message to the support team (given there still is any) and then support actually does something when they handle request from moderator....
    good luck

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