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Thread: Cannot log into Tynon successfully

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    Cannot log into Tynon successfully

    I am hung at black screen saying loading... and it does not do anything. Tried 2 browsers and still having issues. It has been months since I logged, but I would like to be able to log into the game.
    Thank you.
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    problem is with flash player most likely. since has been a while since you tried to log in, the way browsers "allow" flash player, they set default to disallow all, has changed since you last tried to play the game. I know this is true for all chrome and mozilla based browsers ( when ever there is flash player update have problems loading, have to reset browser each time). There is a small lego like symbol and "i" with circle around it in the url field for mozilla and chromium browsers respectively which sets the flash player "allow", and for which url - not it needs to be allowed for each / any tynon server as uses the full url value ( is different allow from 2.

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    Me too can not load been trying for weeks. Any one got through yet

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    can't log in

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    Server 118 - Can Login - today in Chrome it has failed but still works in Firefox and Safari my guess is that its a Flash Problem

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    Sine the newest update, Look at the top of the browser bar, It looks like a Little "Lego" Piece, Click on it and choose option to allow, This should allow you to log-in the game as normal.


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