Got the SD Memory cards over to Saint David's Church in the Diocese of Detroit, a C of E Church. Merely getting jump drives full of the things over to

Sure, the folks at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul would love to see our coffee shop "game".

It might be the next Plants vs Zombies.

I don't know what happened with the courier service.

Douglas Rae is the person who gets paid to go to Germany, not me, for work with Innogames. Thus far, nothing sounds worthy of The Hague or Human Rights Violations courts, within Tynon.

The failure of the macular degeneration vaccine has been more upsetting to me, as well as the Virgin Galactic Two crash, all of which are connected to the bizarre transitions of a group of Apple computers from the United Kingdom to someplace enroute to the Kali Yuga. Now, that's a game title for you, Kali Yuga, or maybe, Black Death. Douglas Rae directed Black Death. Tynon is going to be much, much easier to debug the aftermarket glitches than let's say, the Alice Cooper tour.

That sounds like fun, get drunk and collect things for the Dalai Lama with Alice Cooper. More fun than tynon, pity... We'll get the game development money in somehow, no worries.