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Thread: is the game actually dying this time?!

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    Aug 2013

    is the game actually dying this time?!

    cerb, baal, GWs and CW all broken. really no reason to play. how long do you think this will happen?

    honestly, i'd be glad if the game completely stops working. the only reason why ive stayed is to keep my presence around, but with so many white marias. it doesnt help, no matter how strong i am
    The Crown Giver!

    i choose to lose in CW to benefit myself, my guild and anyone who is on my side.

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    Hey Dragon, I've enjoyed watching the higher level players like yourself play in CW. Frustrated at times when the game was intentionally thrown. That being said, without tech support the game will inevitably fail. I lost my 2nd sub almost two years ago and tried various avenues to no avail, and then the white marias. Perhaps its time to let this addiction go.

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    Sadly I have found a way to beat the white marias. Seems however I won't be able to show it anymore. LOL

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    Although I think the game is done, please tell us how to beat White Maria

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    Well, I got an automated reply to my post to Tynon. The game glitches have not been this bad in several years. It is ok with me if the game is over. We shall see....

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    I have a theory. Perhaps the couple of ppl who administer this game went on Christmas vacation and no one was around to deal with the glitches. I note that there were no Christmas packages this year so maybe less and less money is being generated for Tynon and nobody really cares anymore..

    And Dragon? You have more white marias than anyone else on this game (including Guin , Requiem, and others) so quit complaining when others use her. I got mine by chance only a few months ago and having her created such jealousy and hostility on my server that a couple of longterm players quit. I contacted Tynon and offered not to use her if they would just make it an even playing field by asking others to do the same. No reply. I actually voluntarily took her out of my form for a couple of weeks but there is really no way to compete in CW now unless I use her.

    Now, of course, there is no competing at all, it seems. Also? Players power down in CW to avoid winning/getting a crown with an indefinite future negative buff. There is no altruism towards guildies or friends at all anymore on this game regardless of what Dragon may say...

    Alika will watch a few more days but then sayonara, I expect. It's been a 'slice'.

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    SNAP OUTA IT!! are we really going quietly into the night? Big time coiners People with no lives who build a billion alts Potty mouths White Maria owners (specially the ones who don't tell us how to get her) AND other cheaters WE VE OUTLASTED THEM ALL!!

    How many tickets have we all sent to tynon? Somebody mentioned contacting tynon using apps Have we? If tynon is reading our posts here mostly it sounds like we are giving up rolling over

    We haven't lasted this long by giving up

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    Oh well . All the support ticket records for the last 5 years have vanished across all my toons. I guess we are finally done....C'est la vie. It has been fun for the most part. Take care, all. It made me recall that there was a bad glitch in 2004 but nothing like this.... Just glad I have not been a coiner lol.

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    All good things must come to an end, whether you coined or not. If you coined and had half a brain, you could lead early then bring on the non coined toons later to dominate with the handicaps in CW, given you were in a position to influence betting outcomes.
    But why would they fix it? Only their remaining coiners could prob convince them.
    Had a fun time anyway, 1st guild dominating Asian CW and server 68.
    Quote Originally Posted by kaisim_2492829 View Post
    you are the most condescending person on this forum and you are wrong if you have us all fooled.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan le Fay View Post
    However, until then players like yourself have us over a barrel so to speak playing CWF how they want to rather than way it was intended.

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    i wasnt complaining. i never used white maria on those other toons before others. i waited as long as i could. but once i saw it get out of hand, then i went in with everything i had.

    hahaha jan. you're still salty. i have you know, my guildmates on 46 has never had problems with me or james. unlike you
    The Crown Giver!

    i choose to lose in CW to benefit myself, my guild and anyone who is on my side.

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