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Thread: is the game actually dying this time?!

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    Was wondering who created the typographical errors in the game titles.

    Should have known - thank you.

    Errata help to keep Tynon a more intimate game, or at least have a smaller group of end users, or players.

    Good going.

    Back to playing the game, Pirates - Tides of Fortunes, which is running more smoothly now that Aristocrat purchased the whole gaming company.

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    Hello "Angelika" hello "Jan"

    Hello SS Dragon

    Glad you all could still log in.

    That's great - keep on playing.

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    ugghhh - so "the Brat" sold the contents of that pop-up portal suitcase to multiple software companies. Traced his movements to some sort of dealings with a production company in Honolulu, from there, the code went to Shanghai, China.

    Maybe I should be surprised that there are any functional video games out there instead...

    Why hasn't anyone gotten back to the IT Department of the University of Nottingham yet?

    The folks at that location have more code.
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    Are you the 'brat'? If not, who is? And who are you anyway?? And what is the truth of the rest of the nonsense you have posted? Also, why are you creating multiple toons at this late a date? BTW, Hallowe'en is in October...Remember?

    Gotta be "Dragon'/Thomas....that'd be my guess anyway BUT there are fewer spelling and grammatical errors in the post than usual so who knows :/? Maybe all the edits

    I dk to whom you are referring anyway and don't care either.....and of course you should not use 'real' names anyway, silly person. Just make some more up....I expect you are really, really good at fabrications.... Oh, actually if you are the one I suspect, I know that to be true for a fact.

    Gn Folks.


    Remember it is now 6 months since 'the music died here'. It no longer matters who logs or for what...


    PS Dom is mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinfaccenda_8326124 View Post
    Although I think the game is done, please tell us how to beat White Maria

    ya what martin said

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