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Thread: Betty trying to get Tynon fixed.

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    Tynon/UCool in the toilet

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    tynon is back up

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    well, good try, however arena battles freeze up like ancient HR boss example fights and Champion example fights, so..., now arena fights => no gem sharing, no position changes. current CW wonder if will finish, as can't pick attacker or defender for the current round but some fights have a bet from prior to 12-27-2018 freeze showing selection...
    Have to wait to see if GW bets and battles come off ...

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    Taking a shore map will crash you... who knows what else? And yes...1k gems up today and that crashed the game too.

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    Lab works fine, but arena doesn't and apparently you can't take maps on shore either.

    Also CW is still stuck on Knockout V.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myth_michelle_9014176 View Post
    Teddy for president!!

    Betty for angel !!
    We're not out of the woods yet but I feel like if there are people that deserve credit for giving us a chance, it's Teddy and Betty. So thanks to both of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordteddy_9683472 View Post
    Dear Player
    We will try contact the developer who was in Tynon server team. And we hope that it can be fixed by just rebooting the server. Thanks.

    Best Regards

    This is what she said in my Heroes Arena thread.
    Betty is Administrator for Heroes Charge and Heroes Arena.
    This is also a complete shot in the dark and I know that there's a slim to none chance of this happening, but while we have their attention, I would make a donation to the game if they would write the code to begin to merge servers. If enough people donated $20, it might be worth their while. I consider this completely unlikely but thought I would throw it out there.

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    Thank for Teddy on trying!

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    Yeah, thanks guys for trying. It will likely be a process.... I can't help but chuckle that this 'warfare'/combat game will now not allow any combat at all lol. Can't even share gems with guildmates or take our own maps lol. Such irony!

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    Tynon server 118 have problem today, arena fighting does not work and one player told me HR dos not work either

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