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Thread: Betty trying to get Tynon fixed.

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    I posted for more help from Betty on Heroes Arena thread for more Tynon help. Will require more reboots and/or fixes.
    Hopefully we will get some more help.

    "After reboot Tynon Cerb and Baal started working, but CW still looks to be stuck in Stage V and now it freezes (crashes) when attacking in Arena or at Sea.
    May require more reboots and/or fixes.

    All of Tynon appreciates any help we can get. Thank you so much Betty and server team."

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    hey, teddy, who did you ask who suggested you / other players to also try to contact moderator over on other ucool games , ember and betty..., wasn't that also tynon post from 2016?

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    Private messages do not work ( have to be actually playing that game and at a certain level to get them through). The only way is to post on forum of Heroes Charge and or Heroes Arena. Since Betty is actively having problems corrected for Heroes Arena i think best to post there, but must be to the point and thankful. Heroes Arena is not available for downloading in United States at this time so again no private messages. Tynon forum has no moderator here. Dave Mata left and others too, and support within Tynon just does not exist. Betty graciously asked Tynon sever development team to help us after reading Heroes Arena forum post(s). And yes post was suggested from other players within Tynon forum. I just copied it and placed it on Heroes Arena forum.

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    Saying there isn't a forum mod isn't exactly true, just I am no longer able to speak to uCool.
    Even so, great job folks on being proactive in solving the numerous problems with the obvious obstacles.

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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    Noted and appreciated you still here. I was wondering if you were still here. So many have left.
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    Just try and keep her away, lol.
    Thanks for going to the trouble of contacting via heros charge, their only successful platform. CW will be problematic to fix. It will require manual reloads to process the unending CW, probably time they are not willing to spend.
    Quote Originally Posted by kaisim_2492829 View Post
    you are the most condescending person on this forum and you are wrong if you have us all fooled.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan le Fay View Post
    However, until then players like yourself have us over a barrel so to speak playing CWF how they want to rather than way it was intended.

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    good job tebby, and betty, there is one more bug to fix its when your in fighting mould or it freezes and you have to boot again , cant get pass getting the 3 sail. ty. betty for the fix

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    All of Tynon appreciates any help we can get. Thank you so much Betty and server team."[/QUOTE]

    What Teddy said

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    Still many issues.

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    I came back today to see if this game had been fixed. Nope. I found a game called Emporea supported by steam to take my time now. Not really similar but fun. Side note, it's funny that it seems like Ucool is still set up to take your money on Tynon but no support, what the heck. I urge all to just move on, it's hopeless here. Let it die!

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