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Thread: {BUG REPORT} All server issue: Arena, Heroic Realm, Wild Battles incl. Pirates

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    {BUG REPORT} All server issue: Arena, Heroic Realm, Wild Battles incl. Pirates

    Servers confirmed 2, 7, 38

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    After fixing the issue of no Cerb/Baal and Guild Wars a new issue has started. Arena fights do not register(as if you didn't try and fight) and it goes straight to an error pop-up "disconnected from the server click OK to refresh. Code:1" Super slow preparing battle dialog gets to 99% and stops. Since it doesn't register you don't get credit in the "assistant". Heroic Realm faults when you win the battle(same code/preparing battle issue) you don't get credit in the "assistant" but you get the plan drop. Wild battles work pretty much the same as the arena battles(just like you didn't even try to fight). Therefore in pirates you cannot steal a map from the shore or sink ships. It happens every time I try it.

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    As has been repeated many times on the forums, it will happening on every server.
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    I am putting this on every thread that has recently posted circa 4/2/2019 - there is a player from server 119, teddy (yes, you can find post of fordteddy_9683472 around time this game broke end of December 2018 ) who now blocks the beach with all alts to intentionally keep other players from sailing. I know this is happening on other servers, and know there isn't anything that can / will be done about it. I thought writing about this kind of bad game play in public might embarrass this player (or others) who are playing the game this way. Any one now, could sit all day starring at a computer screen and eventually take all of the 10 beach spots for themselves, and keep anyone else from playing, or only "let" other players they decide to have a spot to sail. This player has played this type of lying , cheating, on this server from day one. Too bad, and anyone playing this game knows exactly the type of person / player this is, as there are similar players on other servers now who have an alt account in every beach spot, blocking anyone else from sailing on that server. Someone did this on server 2, and then someone must actually know someone in real life as all the alts that were blocking the beach were on less than a day (server 2 has the most active players still playing on one server to this point in the game). I've played a long time, but am considering quitting as yes, it only take one bad apple to spoil it for everyone, NOT the way the game was designed...

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