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Thread: It looks like the end is here

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    It looks like the end is here

    I have played Tynon since server 7. I have enjoyed it quite a bit, spent a few dollars, not much, but I would say I have gotten my money's worth. That said, I am disappointed at the current state of the game. After a major crash last December, Tynon, after 3 weeks, did a restart or something to get the game half up again. However, that Jan 13th act created additional issues that make the game virtually unplayable...and pointless. One can't get new gear, CW is broken, all the good mounts are long gone, and basically, anyone playing now is just doing it out of habit...including me. There is no purpose for accumulating vast amounts of resources, as they will never be used. Spending time sanctifying heros really means nothing, as you can't even attack in Arena (I realize if you win, you move positions, but you don't get half the stake, and it is pointless.) With CW broken, there is no reason to build, as for many, that was the only challenge left, to improve results in CW. It is obvious that many other players are realizing the same thing, as each day, the servers become increasingly inactive. Farewell old friend, it has been a good run, but with no response by Tynon support in over 4 months on a seriously broken game, it is obvious they have no intention of repairing it. To all I have played with, so long, good journey. It has been fun, I wish all the best.
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    yup, sad thing is many friendships started here and now they to have ended.

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    It ain't over 'til it's over.

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    Yes, definitely over

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    but the fat lady didnt sing!! dont give up

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    Quote Originally Posted by myth_michelle_9014176 View Post
    but the fat lady didnt sing!! dont give up
    Sorry Michelle. She's singing.

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