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Thread: So is Tynon dead?

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    Question So is Tynon dead?

    I haven't played the game in years, but got a nostalgia rush and wanted to come to play, but the game isn't loading regardless of browser or server. With that being said, it Tynon dead?

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    yes, it is dead

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    Locked up on Cerb this morning and then could not reload so they may have finally done it. Blessings to all that have stuck with it to the end.

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    "Two things are inevitable: the heat death of the universe and the demise of Tynon, although I'm not sure about the latter." - Oscar Wilde

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    It just may be that By Default Your Browser is Chrome Blocks all instances of FLash Enabled media, You will need to change those setting in order for flash to run properly. You could also try using Microsoft's Edge, When It prompt's you, allow Flash to run, It should work fine.

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