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Thread: no power server 23

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    no power server 23

    voltron 3 lost power only shows 0 for everything

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    That is what happened to me on server 1. When I cleared my browser, the game no longer loads.

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    correct, once clear browser, some of the tynon server files aren't downloaded any more. So, you have to get the tynon file saved in a browser that has not had history or cache cleared, copy that file over to the browser you like to use. not going to go through technical steps to do that, as can be found on line if anyone actually wants to do it. If you always played with one browser and you cleared that, then "game over" as tynon servers working as of about a month ago. Also, two days ago, June 11, 2020 the last server , 96, with GW and banishes working stopped working....
    For those like voltron above who log in and it shows zero power , just leave browser open without trying to reload, it should eventually populate. It appears as of two days ago that the rate for the server to download / populate a client account / toon log in is taking a couple of minutes... i can still log in to all accounts on all servers...

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