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Thread: Used To Play- Now Game Won't Load

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    Angry Used To Play- Now Game Won't Load

    ever since they discontinued flash plug-in support the game will not load. I'd let it go and forget the game but I've poured years and plenty of cash into it and want to know how I can get the game to load so I can finally play and work back up again. Clicking on my preferred realm it takes me to the black loading screen and then after a few short minutes tells me to reload and it may be due to my flash plug-in.

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    Game is pretty much dead. Many features were broken a couple of years ago and were never fixed, and the devs haven't bothered to do anything, nor have they bothered to give the game a proper sunset.

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    You can still play the game with Pale Moon browser.
    Use Adobe Flash version or earlier.

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    It's weird because I've never had one before. I guess that you need to restart the game and reload it because this bug should not be. I hope that helps. I like CSGO politics because this game has never given out any problems in all my seven years of experience. I am sure that you know what game we are talking about because this game has long been top-rated around the world. All fans of this game have long loved the updates because the developers are constantly striving to improve it.
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