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Thread: Cretan Labyrinth

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    Cretan Labyrinth

    Hello peepz

    When I do the Cretan Labyrinth quest I cannot end the game when finally arriving at the last "end square". The image of the Minotaur beside it blocks me from clicking on it....

    Any help on this pls?

    Thanks in advance.

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    reload your browser

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    The browser you use matters. If you aren't using Google Chrome, you should try it out.
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    Have you tried using different browsers for the game yet? Doing some snooping around may be your best solution. There are quite a number of different ones out there, so there's inevitably going to be something that's going to help.
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    I am using Chrome indeed. Will see what it does when I can redo the Labyrinth tomorrow.

    The input and replies are greatly appreciated.

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