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Thread: guild warfare

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    guild warfare

    dont know if this is where to post bugs but here

    guild warfare is bugged...not for the first time either...after thinking it was fixed it came back

    u cant see anyone move
    sometimes u cant move
    when u die it doesnt give any kind of report
    u march to the base ..u dont encounter anyone yet u die

    WTF tynon plz fix this asap ..not in 10 years time but ASAP

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    yea had that on ours last night but not too bothered as we won lol

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    :-) Well I mentioned exactly this behavior at 19th, but this was friday night and so I think nobody did or saw somethin' duin' the weekend. It has been on "Hermes-Server", but as we see, it's obviously a general issue.

    Would be really nice, if someone would fix this. :-)

    And BTW: Congraz to all, who won the battles meanwhile, thus diggin' without any sight :-)

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    This started happening after Ragnaroc was implemented so it probably has something to do with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikefazza1980_6417013 View Post
    yea had that on ours last night but not too bothered as we won lol
    Same here.
    Wings of Hermes
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    Water Realm

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    & it's just getting worse .. NO winners, losers OR rewards tonight :P

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    As long as you guys pay for that broken game nothing will change cuz.. "well they pay us even if its broken, so why should we repair it?"

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