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Thread: server down....

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    server down....

    so, I liked that i was told to check the forums for updates on down times and then nothing is posted (or its impossible to find)

    any idea on how long down? or just keep looking for another game?

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    Yea same here there is nothing saying down time or when to expect it back up. And all the servers at same time come on you were smart with evony staggering servers why not here.

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    yeah, awesome programmers....thanks for the info. wasted $10, guess ill find another 'click' game

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    There was a system mail sent to all players a few days ago saying Tynon was going to be taken offline for an hour.

    11pm-12pm PST I believe.

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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    Oh c'mon.
    One maint ( nice, quick one even) and start drama?
    Didn't read my mails or any notifications, but even if you did not know.. stuff like this needs to happen.

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    Morgan, the server maintenance is scheduled for Thursday 12 AM-12:30 AM.. not mid day Wednesday
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