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Thread: Hammer of Thor Rejuvenation

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    Hammer of Thor Rejuvenation

    Hey folks, I am the Host of Bards Guild. I have a few ideas that people may find interesting. We have room for NEW players. Our Guild has room for about TWENTY players. These can be new to the server or new to the game. Because of level lock, brand new players can join and not be farmed by established players.

    We have a lot of people who can TEACH. Players can learn the game from established veterans. In return, new players bring energy to the server.

    This older server has FIVE realms, more than the newer ones. This creates an interesting game dynamic. In essence, the game plays differently. This should excite players to visit from other servers, and see what a bigger server can do.
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    Yeaaaah!! Come join Hammer of Thor Server (3)

    Each realm has it's own individual guild benefits so you can jump up in power in no time and reap the benefits!
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    Every Realm has an active guild, with a fair amount of overall balance. Most importantly, no one player or guild dominates the server! In addition, there are a few smaller guilds still active that can accept players interested in a quiet place.

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